The coming winter 2019-2020 we offer: Icedrive

See, do and experience

Icedrive consists of various challenging packages with one common element: experiencing a unique off-road adventure in breathtaking Iceland.
First taste the beauty of the country where the Vikings still live. Then, under experienced guidance, offroad into the interior. Pull the first tracks through virgin snow at the wheel of a Super 4 × 4.

“We look through the windshield with eyes narrowed. Closer and closer the snow hunts across the plain in front of us. Hardly any traces of our predecessor are visible. Fortunately we also have the navigation on which we accurately follow the route. “Five kilometers to cabin”, the radio crackles. We look at each other briefly and continue our adventure, deep inland, a five-hour drive from Reykjavik.

Especially enjoy the geysers, beautiful waterfalls and the impressions of the unique nature fighting for priority. We stay on the volcanic island for five days. Driving yourself in a specially prepared Super 4 × 4 over deep snow you will reach places where standard cars have to drop out. Discover hidden gems such as the Ice Cave and the Thorsmork valley with a local guide. Finish every day in either luxury accommodation on the edge of the interior or in adventurous cabins in the interior. All this and more if the capricious Icelandic weather permits. You can choose from two different and very challenging packages.